Van Koeveringe family – Doetinchem

For the first time in my life through my wife I came across  the phenomenon of singing bowl concerts and so called ‘healing sessions’, as offered by Elayna. At the beginning I was rather skeptical. As so many other people I could put no belief into this and judged it to be vague and wishy washy. After a while my disbelief faded more and more and turned into a sense of respect. I wanted to learn more about this.

During an unfortunately necessary and drawn out stay in the hospital, the values of my major organs were so poor after several surgeries, that the specialists were at their wits end. My wife called upon Elayna, who treated me both on location as well as long distance. The treatment included, among other things, sending Energy; something that was repeated numerous times thereafter.

Soon I’m up for a follow-up surgery. My fear of this is really huge. Elayna has already committed to visiting me at the hospital once again to treat me before the procedure, as well as working on me long distance on the day of the procedure itself. I am obviously wholeheartedly embracing this offer.

My wife and I are very happy to have met Elayna and Sandra.