I offer an engaging lecture about the mystery of Middle Earth (Hollow Earth). I will take you to distant places that we generally know little about, but that we might be connected to deep in our subconscious. If you have an open mind and you like to think ‘outside the box’, then this interactive lecture is just the thing for you. Mostly because I will be speaking straight from my very own intensely lived experiences and from my deep connection to Middle-Earth.

In early ancient times this knowledge was already available. Many legends and stories derived from the Vikings, Native Indians, Egyptians, as well as ancient Greek and Buddhist texts tell the story of the existence of nations within Hollow Earth.

Even in fairy tales such as Mother Hulda (Central European lore), references are made to the ‘hollow earth’ where the good girl that offers help straight from the heart, returns laden with gold. I also believe that the author Tolkien has felt this connection.

A very wise man called Plato wrote on this subject, as well as the famous astronomer Halley, who wrote about it in 1692.

What to expect during this evening?

I will use my experiences, my photographs and a video to tell the tale of Middle-Earth. There is plenty of opportunity for questions. I will also offer a heart meditation, which will connect the thymus and heart to each other to create a deeper sense of peace in the body. This will allow for everything that I share to become more tangible. And maybe a connection to the creatures of Middle-Earth will arise from this heart contact.

A Day of Perception

In addition to a lecture I might be organising a special day in one of our beautiful forests to experience the different energies we talked about.

See you soon!
Elayna Argatha