Hollow Earth Energy Drops (HEED) carry the pure natural primal energy from times long past. This energy is immediately recognized by the body of humans and animals and is reabsorbed, which results in a sense of peace and stability in the body. This is the energy level that the body yearns to return to. HEED is wonderful for supporting this process.

When to apply

For many physical complaints which originate from the energy level of the body being too high. For instance: headaches, stress, ADHD, epilepsy, hypertensions and aggression. Physical pain may be reduced or might even disappear.



It also works very well for animals.



Price per bottle

€ 25,00 – for humans, no attunement 
€ 30,00 – for humans, with personal attunement 
€ 30,00 – for animals, with specific attunement 

  • excluding € 2,60 postage and shipping
  • a maximum of 2 bottles per shipment


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