How Hollow Earth came to be

When mankind came to earth, they lived in harmony with each other and were totally in tune with the heart frequency which still exists in Hollow Earth.

Everyone was exactly as he/she truly was meant to be. At a certain point in time, a group of people arose who started to think differently, from the head. Everyone thought this was fantastic and more and more people joined this group.

Those that wanted to remain the same from the heart, sought refuge in Hollow Earth. Here the developments accelerated much more rapidly and more profoundly than on Earth. Everything was purely natural. Humanity in the 3rd dimension developed a world of their own from the mind. Ego, power, wars, etc. arose. The time has come that humanity would like to return to the way it once was, thus…..

Hollow Earth is revealing itself more and more. Crop circles, strange sounds, strange lights and UFO sightings. Even NASA can no longer deny it. The information from Hollow Earth can and should no longer be kept secret! No secrets anymore for anyone!

In the current age where people are becoming more and more aware is is permitted and even necessary to change in this 3D world,
Help is on the way that will allow us to see and feel the heart frequency once again. They are willing to help humanity manifest this wonderful heart frequency in the present time.

What does it look like?

Hollow Earth looks almost the same as the earth that we know.
It is always light there and the temperature is 24 degrees Celsius constantly. This is due to the fact that Hollow Earth has a central sun, and there is no resistance from outside air such as on earth. Everyone lives in harmony with each other there. War and games of power do not exist like they do on earth. There are nine different – as we would say on earth – countries in Hollow Earth. Animals that have become extinct on earth live there, such as the mammoth, dodo, dinosaurs as well as very large people (Giants). These mammoths have even been spotted on the North pole, but mysteriously have disappeared again.

The animals do not have to fear being eaten in Hollow Earth. No meat is eaten there, not even by the animals. There are no batteries, gasoline or oil needed. Everything there is powered by the warmth of the sun. There is less necessity for sleep and food due to the light in Hollow Earth.

Which effects are recognizable at the moment on earth?

People eat less or no meat at all, choose to eat and use more and more organic and natural products. Awareness is growing larger and larger. Also nature on earth is taking back control, nature has had enough of what humans are putting it through.

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