In her dying moments my mother confided in me that she had always wanted to name me Elayna instead of Ellen!”

overElaynaAfter high school I acquired practical experience working in animal shelters in Amersfoort, Ede en Zeist (in the Netherlands). After this I started my own animal boarding house in Westendorp.

In 2006 my own inner journey of exploration began using dowsing rods.

In 2008 I stumbled upon Quantum-Touch.

After this I pursued the advanced course in Core Transformation 1 & 2.

Then also in Jassentechniek (a technique that releases negative layers like taking off a coat, developed by Hans de Waard from the Netherlands), a course in Hypnosis and The Live Connection, live communication with animals.

After the healing period from a knee operation I continued to experience pain. While searching for a solution I found Reconnective Healing which made the pain disappear.

This sparked my curiosity and I enrolled in The Reconnection level 1, 2 en 3.

In the meantime I had performed many healings with very good results. After attending a healing sound concert I met Iris Barkhuysen. After having received a healing from her it was clear to me that I wanted to pursue the Diamond Awareness training. This training completely changed my life. I joined a trip to Sedona in the United States. This is where I would participate in manifesting a City of Light with Iris and Barbara Korte. Right after I arrived in Sedona someone said “Welcome Home” to me, but there was no one to be seen! In Sedona I first encountered Hollow Earth and my brother Enoya from Hollow Earth. It indeed felt like coming home to me!

Back in the Netherlands it became apparent to me that I was born of Hollow Earth and had come to earth to help humanity become aware of the heart frequencies and existing and living in the heart.

To give myself the best options to pass on and transmit this information, I also participated in the Diamond Heart Awareness training with Iris. And I also joined Bert Jansen and Heather Clewelt training in the Remote viewing and Meta tracking methods.

With all these tools at my disposal I developed my own Inner Earth Healing method which I offer now.

If this appeals to you, please feel free to contact me without any obligation.

Elayna Argatha  |  +31-(0)6-81224560